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Main Conferences -- Archive XХII-th anniversary International Scientific-Practical Conference «Rubber Industry. Raw Stocks. Materials. Technologies» 2017
XХII-th anniversary International Scientific-Practical Conference «Rubber Industry. Raw Stocks. Materials. Technologies» 2017

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Scientific program-2017




International Scientific-Practical Conference









29 of May - 02 of June




Dear colleagues!

From May 29 through to June 02, 2017 SRC «NIISHP», SDB «ISTRA» and «STC «Intyre» shall hold XХII-th anniversary International Scientific-Practical Conference «Rubber Industry. Raw Stocks. Materials. Tech-nologies».
Informational support shall be provided by the journals «Chemistry and Business»  and «Industrial Production and Use of Elastomers».
The conference shall be attended by everyone who is involved in the production, study and application of rubber and rubber articles, as well as the producers and developers of raw stocks, materials, equipment and technologies.
The conference attendees will have a remarkable opportunity to obtain plenty of various useful information, to exchange opinions, to discuss the prospects and mu-tually beneficial opportunities for cooperation and to meet their colleagues at the sessions, expo, presentation events and in the course of business meetings.
You are welcome to take part in the XХII-th anniversary Scientific-Practical Conference!

Organizing Committee


Organizing Committee:

Chairman of Organizing Committee –
Mr. Alexander M. Pichugin - STC «NIISHP»
Tel: +7 (495) 603 91 10
Deputy Chairman – Ms. Tatiana V. Titova
Tel/Fax +7 (495) 603 91 21
Secretariat of the Conference :
Ms. Tatiana K. Bushueva,
Mr. Leonid M. Gusarov
Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 603 91 21
Address of the Organizing Committee:
Burakov Street, 27, Moscow, Russia, 105118
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
web site: www. niishp2.ru


Subjects of the Conference:


• Status and prospects of development for the tire and technical rubber goods industries.
• Status and prospects of development for the market of raw stocks and materials for rubber compounds proceeding from the requirements of manufacturers and consumers.
• New developments in the area of rubbers, fillers, chemicals, reinforcing materials, processing aids, adhesives, lubricants and latices.
• Rubber compounds, rubbercord composites and articles from them, novelties in rubber compounding.
• Ways of improvement for tire & technical rubber goods manufacturing processes.
• New developments in the area of equipment, instrumentation, engineering tools, test methods
• Material- and resource saving technologies.
• Environmental issues.
• Rubber industry dataware (information support).

Scientific program


Plenary and sectional sessions, oral reports from the tribune, poster sessions.
The program of the Conference shall be formed based on the proposals and abstracts submitted by its participants.


The following events will take place in the context of the Conference:

  • Presentations of innovative projects.
  • Presentations of domestic and international commodity producers.
  • Thematic and Industry meetings.



The conference will be complemented by an exhibition of commodity and printed products, promotion materials of organizations and enterprises taking part in the Conference work.


Invited to take part in the Conference are:

  • consumers of products for technical rubber applications,
  • factories  of the tire, rubber, technical rubber goods and hardware industries,
  • producers of raw stocks and materials for rubber compounds,
  • scientific – research and  project & design institutes,
  • higher educational establishments,
  • academic institutes,
  • commercial structures,
  • foreign companies and organizations,
  • editorial boards of scientific and informational  publications.

The language of the Conference is Russian. Foreign speakers will be provided with translation from English.


Rules of Abstract Submission


1. Abstracts on three pages maximum should be typed in Microsoft Word Editor and e-mailed to the Organizing Committee.
2. The title of the paper, the authors’ initials and names, the full name of the organization, the city and the country shall be followed by a brief abstract in English. The name of the speaker shall be underlined.
3. Abstracts shall not contain any pictures or diagrams. No more than 2 references are permitted.


Registration Fee:


The registration fee covers lodging, 3 meals a day, a friendly party, Conference materials, organizational expenses, a coach trip from Moscow to the Conference venue and back to Moscow.

The registration fee (VAT included) per 1 (one) attendee shall amount to:

800 USD (or in ruble equivalent at the current CB exchange rate) – for representatives of foreign companies.
Registration fee payment with a note (in Russian): «СMT-2017» shall be effected by a bank transfer of funds only into the account of CLR «SRC «NIISHP»

Beneficiary: CLR «SRC «NIISHP»
Address: 105118, Moscow, Burakov Str., 27
IBAN Number  5012079950      KPP 501201001
Beneficiary bank: Credit Bank of Moscow (publiс joint-stoc company),  2 (BLDG.1) Lukov pereu-lok, Moscow, Russia, 107045
ACC. 36940272
Transit account: 40702840900017004587
Correspondent bank: CITIBANK N.A. NY, USA



Application submission                    20.04.17 at the latest
Abstract submission                         28.04.17 at the latest
Cashless payment on account         07.05.17 at the latest