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Pichugin Alexander Matveevich


SRC "TRI" Ltd. is a successor of the Tire Research Institute (FGUP "TRI") in terms of its scientific and technical activities.
TRI carries out its scientific and technical activities in the following fields:

-    theoretical and engineering research;
-    designing of tires and mechanical rubber goods;
-    materials science, development and implementation of new rubbers for tires and MRG;
-    technologies and equipment for the manufacture of tires and mechanical rubber goods;
-    environmental safety in tire production and operation;
-    information-analytical research.

Currently SRC "TRI" Ltd. concentrates the intellectual property in the tire re-search area, that has been created over 75 years of the Institute's existence and has kept a hard-working team of experts in all key scientific-research fields.

SRC "TRI" possesses:
•    a bank of highly efficient rubber compound formulations for tires of various applications;
•    an instrumental and methodological base for testing tire materials and rubbers.

SRC "TRI" Ltd. comprises an independent center "Prostor" for testing materials, rubbers and rubber-cord composites (the center's accreditation certificate No.РОСС RU. 0001.21RI 18 of 24.05.2010). The area of the test center accreditation covers a wide range of rubbers and fillers, curing accelerators and retarders, stabilizers modifiers, rub-ber compounds and vulcanizates, gum products, adhesives, sealants, molded and un-molded articles, hoses, conveyor belts, tires, etc.

On the base of and under the guidance of SRC "TRI" the following committees have been set up and functioning: the Technical Committee TC-97 Pneumatic Tires for Mechanical Vehicles, Their Trailers and Aviation Machinery" (Order No. 488 of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation of 08. 04. 2005) and Technical Committee TK-156, nowadays a subcommittee SC -6 "Chemicals-Additives, Organic Semipro-ducts" of the Technical Committee TK-60 "Chemistry" (Order No. 996 of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation of 05. 04. 2010).

SRC "TRI" is the organizer of the annual International Scientific-Practical Con-ference "Rubber Industry. Feedstocks, Materials, Technologies.

SRC "TRI" is the venue where the base department of the academic institution (MITHT named after M. Lomonosov) "Advanced Technologies and Materials for Tire Manufacture" is functioning - the specialists of the Center deliver lectures for students of core specialties.

SRC "TRI" carries out scientific research and experimental design work in the framework of governmental defense orders (Gosoboronzakaz) and Federal target pro-grams, tires and mechanical rubber enterprises, enterprises for manufacture materials, academic and educational institutes, leading foreign tire companies.

Burakov Street, 27, Moscow Russia, 105118
Tel. (495)603-9110
Tel./fax (495) 603-9121
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